Batman: The Widening Gyre #6
Batman: The Widening Gyre #6
Credit: DC Comics

Kevin Smith and Walter Flanagan's Batman: Widening Gyre concluded in 2010, with a sequel, Batman: Bellicosity, planned for release in 2014. But Bellicosity has yet to materialize - and now Kevin Smith has offered an update on the long in-gestation project, taking personal responsibility for the delays.

"This red folder goes with me everywhere. It’s got three issues of art with notes for me and Walter to go back into and finish," Smith told Newsarama contributor Jim McLauchlin, brandishing a red folder. "I've been carrying this folder for two years. It's not Walter's fault. He's free as hell. It's just a matter of me getting down to it. I feel incredibly bad because I did an entire different miniseries in the interim. Right after my heart attack, Mark Millar was like "Hey, do you want to do Hit-Girl?” and I was like, "Oh, I'll write Hit-Girl."

"Walter’s got a lot of the art done. The notes I've got on Batman: Bellicosity are just like, 'Ooh, we need to add this because I want to move this over to here' and stuff," Smith concluded. "I will definitely get around to it."

Look for McLauchlin's full interview with Smith later this week on Newsarama.

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