Dynamite President Teases Details on VAMPIRELLA Purchase

Dynamite Pres Teases More on VAMPIRELLA

As you’ve no doubt read right here, Dynamite Entertainment has acquired the character of Vampirella.  Vampi’s got a storied history, created as she was by the late great Forrest J. Ackerman.  Having spent a number of years at Harris Publishing, Vampirella will now live alongside The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, Zorro, and the rest of the Dynamite stable.  We caught up with President Nick Barrucci for the fine points.

Vampirella by Jae Lee

Newsarama: Now, Nick, you may know that I've been involved in Vampirella acquisition stories before.  Let me ask: this is solid, right?  Someone didn't tell you that it was okay to announce it while you were on-stage?  Because believe me, that's no fun.

Nick Barrucci: Troy, this is 100% final.  This is solid, and we're honored to have acquired Vampirella.

Nrama:  So how long has this been in the works?

Barrucci: Believe it or not, 5 years from beginning to today, but there was about a year in the middle (give or take) that Harris was going with another company, and then that fell apart, and we started negotiations up again.

Nrama: The press release was a little unclear; do you just have the comic publishing rights for Vampirella now, or something more?

Barrucci: We have Vampirella lock, stock and barrel. We purchased the character outright; we own Vampirella now.

Nrama:  What does this mean for Harris in the short-term?  Will they have their own statement?  And what does it mean for Dynamite?

Barrucci: The Stanley Harris statement was in the PR.  For Dynamite, it means rolling up our sleeves and making Vampirella shine as much as possible.  There's a lot of work to be done, but this is what the job is called for.

Nrama:  Vampirella has been through a few incarnations over time.  Is there a particular interpretation that you wish to emphasize, or is this going to be a complete rethink of the character?

Barrucci: I think we have to wait to discuss with the creators we'll be working with.  It would be premature to say anything but point to the fact that when it's come to iconic characters such as Lone Ranger or Red Sonja, we've gone to the source material, and updated it without changing it.  We have the same amount of respect and care that we will be giving Vampirella.

Nrama:  When might we be able to expect announcements regarding creators, etc.?

Barrucci: I wish I had an answer.  There's no "perfect formula" for this, or map that gets there.  This will take the time needed to get our launch done right, as we won't get a second chance at a first impression.

Vampirella by David Finch

Nrama:  After all this time, what continues to make Vampirella a compelling character in your estimation?  Obviously, there's more to Vampi than the costume, because she's attracted some of the top creators in the industry over the decades.

Barrucci: The costume is iconic, for sure.  I think it's more that she had compelling stories that fans gravitated towards.  Vampirella has a lot of potential, and we plan on making that potential become a reality. 

Nrama:  Is your plan with Vampirella to be a slow roll-out, or are you going to attempt a multi-title splash like you did with Green Hornet?

Barrucci: It depends on many factors.  Time will tell.  It will be creator driven regardless.  Green Hornet has a few series because we had 3 different takes from 3 very passionate creators.  How do you turn down Kevin Smith, Matt Wagner and Brett Mathews, when they have such great story ideas?

Nrama:  Vampirella did have a loyal following at Harris.  Do you have a particular message for those fans that followed the character through many years and series there?

Barrucci: Please give us a shot.  You might like what we do :-)

Nrama:  If someone's never actually read a Vampirella book, why should they give it a try?

Barrucci: Because she's an iconic character, and, pun intended, she's going to be Dynamite!

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