Get Hands-On with the Alien of BOOM!'s ALIENATED in this #2 First Look

"Alienated #2" first look

With Alienated #1 on stands and already sold out of its first printing, BOOM! Studios have shared a first look at March 18's Alienated #2.

"After outcast teens Samuel, Samantha, and Samir find an adorable but dangerous alien creature in the woods and name him Chip, they bond over their shared secret," reads the solicitation for the issue. "But as the pressures of hiding an actual alien mount, they each begin to fantasize about how to use Chip’s strange powers to improve the world - starting with their current lives."

Alienated is created by writer Simon Spurrier and artist Chris Wildgoose, and this first look also has a variant from Joe Quinones.

"We’re so used to seeing teenage archetypes in fiction there’s the preppy one, the sultry one, and blah, blah, blah. I think what's kind of wonderful about Alienated is that when you first meet these three kids they’re clearly not just living, breathing stereotypes, but we feel like we get to know them quite quickly," Wildgoose told Newsarama about the series in January. "And then over the course of the next few issues, we realized that we really don't know them at all. And they've got really hidden depths. And that's entirely because as we've been working on this, we sort of discovered them as a team other than knowing exactly what was going to happen. And that's a wonderful little voyage of discovery."

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