TONY STARK Resurrected in MAY's IRON MAN 2020 (and He's Got New Armor)

IRON MAN 2020 #5
Credit: Ron Lim (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Pete Woods (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics' modern flagship character Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, is apparently coming back from the dead for May 13's Iron Man 2020 #5, as just revealed in the company's solicitations for that month.

"Tony Stark is back! But is this the real Tony? How is that possible?! Where did that all-new armor come from?! What's going on?!" reads Marvel's solicitation. "There’s no time to explain, human. Just know this: It’s Stark vs. Stark Round 2, as Tony takes on space!"

Credit: Ron Lim (Marvel Comics)

Tony Stark's brother Arno has been acting as Iron Man since December 2019's Iron Man #19, which it was discovered that Tony Stark has been dead since 2016's Civil War II. At the time it was thought he survived, with an A.I. version of himself acting in his stead temporary. In 2019's "Ultron Agenda" storyline, it was established that Tony Stark actually died in Civil War II and it's been an A.I. version since then, entirely.

As Arno Stark took over the Iron Man mantle in Iron Man #19, that ongoing ended in favor of the recently launched Iron Man 2020.

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