The Original PREDATOR Screenplay Gets DARK HORSE Comic Book Adaptation

Predator: The Original Screenplay #1
Credit: Dark Horse
Credit: Dark Horse

Dark Horse has announced a comic book adaptation of the original screenplay for classic 1980s sci-fi action movie Predator.

Originally titled Hunters, the screenplay by John C. Thomas and James E. Thomas was eventually produced as Predator. Now, their original script will be adapted in a five-issue limited series by Jeremy Barlow, Patrick Blaine, and Andy Owens.

"In Predator: The Original Screenplay, a team of military specialists are on a rescue mission in the jungles of Central America. The details of the mission are classified, but the team soon uncovers a trail of lies and deceit," reads Dark Horse's official description of the series. "Something is observing them—tracking their every move. The hunt has begun!"

This is the third "Original Screenplay" adaptation Dark Horse has announced, following adaptations of Alien and Alien 3.

Predator: The Original Screenplay #1 is due out June 10.

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