New CABLE Title Gives NATHAN SUMMERS His 'Best Life' on KRAKOA

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Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Cable is back in the spotlight this March with a new solo series from Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto - but not the grizzled time-warrior that has headlined his own books before. Instead, this is the latest incarnation of the character - his own high-energy teen self, who killed his older counterpart for being ineffective.

But this Cable is more than just the teen son of Cyclops - he's Krakoa's youth leader, guiding the young people of the mutant island in finding their own way in their new world and using his own soldiering skills in the process. 

Newsarama spoke to Duggan about Cable ahead of the series launch, digging into the qualities that make Nate Grey who he is, his unique place in the "Dawn of X" era, and the unconventional relationships he's building on Krakoa.

Newsarama: Gerry, you’re bringing teen Cable to the forefront in your second "Dawn of X" series. What are the core aspects of Cable’s personality that come through whether it’s his classic older self, or current teen incarnation?

Gerry Duggan: Well, the Old Man obviously wins in experience, but the kid is more fun - kids are more likely to make mistakes. I like characters that make mistakes.

Nrama: Cable’s been present since "Dawn of X" kicked off as his dad Cyclops is the central character of the current X-Men volume. How does living in the present day with his parents and family set up a very different Cable than has headlined previous series?

Duggan: Cable's getting to live his best young life. What kind of monsters would X-fans be to deny him this freedom and happiness?

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Nrama: Cable’s a fully Krakoan teen – and the solicitation for Cable #1 mentions him leading a “youth rebellion.” How does the unique culture of Krakoa set the stage for Cable’s relationships, and for his adventures?

Duggan: Well, a lot has happened in a very short time. Cable's life was turned upside down, and then the lives of all the mutants have been radically altered. For the young ones on Krakoa - you make your bones by going on an adventure with Cable.

Nrama: For that matter, what’s Cable up against here? What’s at stake?

Duggan: Two very big stories pop off in the first two issues. The Galadorian Ronin arrive in the first issue and a more personal mystery that presents itself in the second issue that will be very disruptive. They're both easy, fun hooks for a Cable story.

Nrama: Who rounds out the supporting cast in this title? The solicit for #2 mentions he’s dating the Stepford Cuckoos – like, all of them…

Duggan: Cable's dating the Five In One, and though they're a hive mind, he'll have a different relationship with each.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: You’re working with Phil Noto on Cable. He’s got such a recognizable style – what makes him the perfect artist for this title?

Duggan: Phil's the reason you need to have this book every month. He's the absolute best, and he's getting to do every gear: comedy, horror, romance. Wait until you see his White Queen in issue two. She belongs in a museum

Nrama: What’s your favorite thing he’s drawn for Cable so far?

Duggan: The last three pages of the first issue are pretty great. Of the stuff you've seen so far - the Galadorian Ronin. The scene with Emma & Scott in issue two makes me laugh and works silently.

Nrama: X-Men line editor Jordan D. White has mentioned an upcoming summer crossover. Is that something Cable will touch on or build toward as the series rolls on?

Duggan: You can't have an event without Cable. You could try, but he'd pop back in.

Nrama: What sets Cable apart from the growing line of "Dawn of X" titles? What makes this a must-read for fans of Nathan Summers?

Duggan: We have some tricks in our pouches. Enjoy the ride.

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