MARVEL Evokes 'One More Day' For May DAREDEVIL Special

Daredevil Annual #1
Credit: Chip Zdarsky (Marvel Comics)
Chip Zdarsky
Chip Zdarsky
Credit: Thought Bubble

Something big is coming in May for Marvel's Daredevil according to series writer Chip Zdarsky - and it's called "One More Day."

Echoing the evocative 2007 Spider-Man crossover which saved Aunt May but retconned out key historical Spidey events such as Peter's marriage to Mary Jane, in May 2020 Zdarsky will write Daredevil Annual #1 - a 40-page one-shot in which "everything changes..." - and that's not just empty hype, he says.

Credit: Chip Zdarsky (Marvel Comics)

"This is more than an Annual. It’s a pretty essential part of the title that needed its own oversized issue to properly tell the story," Zdarsky said in a statement. "I hate to pull out the 'Everything Changes' card, but this particular story radically affects Daredevil and Wilson Fisk, going back decades."

Zdarsky has drawn the cover to the issue, with Chris Sprouse slated to draw the interior story.

"And I’m incredibly happy they let me do the cover!" Zdarsky continued. "Daredevil is a super fun character to illustrate and I’d kill to do more of these. Do you hear that, Marvel? I would commit murder."

Look for more on this in the coming months, and prepare for Marvel's full May 2020 solicitations later this month.

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