Batman/Superman #7

DC is showing off Doom Patrol and Batman: Universe artist Nick Derington's art for his two-issue Batman/Superman arc beginning with next week's #7.

The two-parter written by Joshua Williamson teams up General Zod with Ra’s al Ghul and follows up on the destruction of the Bottle City of Kandor. 

"Yes, it’s been a little while since Rogol Zaar destroyed the bottled city in his campaign against Superman, but General Zod isn’t one to let things go," reads DC's description. "Especially when that thing is the destruction of Krypton’s one remaining city. But rather than seeking his vengeance against Zaar, he’s set his sights on…Ra’s al Ghul? What does the Demon’s Head have to do with the destruction of Kandor?

"Or maybe Ra’s al Ghul has less to do with the city’s destruction as he does with its possible resurrection. (How do you say 'Lazarus Pit' in Kryptonian?) Whatever Zod’s reason for seeking out the immortal villain, it’s not likely to bode well for the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight. The last time Superman saw Dru-Zod, it really seemed like the two longtime foes might finally bury the hatchet. The general had put aside his rage toward Kal-El and the people of Earth in favor of starting the very first Kryptonian colony. But buddying up to one of Batman’s biggest foes isn’t likely to win much favor for the House of Zod. Plus, Ra’s al Ghul’s help won’t come for free, and the League of Assassins could certainly benefit from having a couple Kryptonians in their ranks."

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