Batman Catwoman
Credit: Mikel Janin/Jordie Bellaire (DC)

Batman/Catwoman writer Tom King has posted a new illustration by Mikel Janin and Jordie Bellaire that show his two heroes in a loving embrace - with Selina apparently pregnant. Take a look:

With Clay Mann announced as the sole artist on Batman/Catwoman - and DC going to the extent of postponed the launch of the book to make sure Mann can draw all issues - this wouldn't be from that series.

King and Janin, who worked together on Batman for over three years, are solicited to do a story for April 15's Catwoman: 80th Anniversary Super Spectacular #1. Could that be where this is from?

We'll see.

The idea of a Bat/Cat kid isn't new - in the 1950s, the pair married and had a daughter named Helena Wayne, who went on to become Huntress, who was a central character in DC's original longrunning Earth-2 continuity. That was later retconned, but in 2006 after Infinite Crisis Catwoman was revealed to have given birth to a daughter - also named Helena. Batman was teased to be that child's father as well, but in the storyline it was later said to be Sam Bradley Jr.'s. That child was, again, retconned out during 2011's "New 52."

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