Preview: Re-Live RANX Classics in Heavy Metal's COMPLETE COLLECTION

Ranx: The Complete Collection

Heavy Metal has shared a 23-page preview of thier upcoming Ranx: The Complete Collection. This June 27 omnibus collects all of Stefano Tamburini and Tanino Liberatore's story about their cybernetic anti-hero from 1983 to today.

"After an unfortunate short circuit, he becomes the victim of fabricated feelings of love for his girlfriend Lubna, a brat, who is permanently high and has an abominable temperament," Heavy Metal writes of the character. " In a world that is a parody of contemporary society, featuring decadence, consumption, and selfishness, Ranx lives on as the epitome of true love. He is the last “knight in shining armor”. Ranx is a colossus in a world of savages, but don’t look for hidden meaning in these epic stories: they are merely a pretext for a lethal dose of cyberpunk, gratuitous violence, and eroticism. The amazing hyper-realistic art of Liberatore may shock and disturb you."


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