RON RANDALL's TREKKER Returns for Complete Collection

Credit: Ron Randall

Ron Randall's Trekker is returning thanks to a Kickstarter that - with just a few days to go - has already exceeded its initial goal. Trekker: The Complete Journey Vol. 1 is now set to be released August 2020.

So what's in this Trekker collection? Everything. Over 470 pages, with 200 pages in color for the first time. All printed in an oversized 7.5" x 11" hardcover.

Credit: Ron Randall

"I'm very excited to get this volume out, and reclaim all of these 'lost' stories in a format that serves them - and fans - best," said Randall in a statement.

Originally debuting in 1987, Trekker follows a bounty hunter named Mercy St. Clair in a cyberpunk future of the year 2226. Originally published by Dark Horse, in 2011 Randall segued the series to be a webcomic.

With two days left on the Kickstarter, Randall is just $320 shy of his latest stretch goal - a 'newspaper supplement' style story with the original Trekker debut story.

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