STORM to Star in Hickman's GIANT-SIZE X-MEN (Formerly Annuals) Finale

Giant-Size X-Men: Storm
Credit: Russell Dauterman (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Russell Dauterman (Marvel Comics)

The fifth and final Giant-Size X-Men one-shot will focus on Storm, with Hickman reteaming with Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost artist Russell Dauterman.

"Our last issue is a bookend by myself and Russell Dauterman. We’re doing Giant-Size X-Men: Storm. (Which pays off the first issue and also features more characters than just Storm)," Hickman told Adventures in Poor Taste. "It really sets up what we’re going to be doing with her for the next couple of years."

Storm is set to appear as an unofficial third lead in February 26's Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost, and Hickman himself argues that the one-shots' character subtitles aren't exactly accurate.

"We actually weren’t going to do Giant-Size one-shots, they were going to be five annuals, written by me, of all the other 'Dawn of X' titles," Hickman explained. "However, there was some kind of concern about numbering, or solicitation, that would complicate that, so we switched to the title “Giant-Size,” which then led to some other problem I can’t remember and we eventually landed on Giant-Size: Character name.

"Which really only partially reflects the content of the books. I dunno what to say, this isn’t a perfect world we live in."

Hickman hasn't specified when Giant-Size X-Men: Storm is to be released.

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