WOLVERINE's VIKTOR BOGDANOVIC Explains 'Gritty, Bloody, Smelly, Funny, Scary' Debut in DAWN OF X

Wolverine #1
Credit: Viktor Bogdanovic (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

This week, the original Wolverine is back in his own solo title with writer Ben Percy and rotating artists Viktor Bogdanovic and Adam Kubert, with the pair each drawing a portion of the first issue and switching off arcs after that.

Bogdanovic's first proper arc will begin with Wolverine #4, which pits Logan against his classic foe Omega Red in a horror-fueled story Bogdanovic says is "gritty, bloody, smelly, funny, and scary".

Newsarama spoke with Bogdanovic ahead of Wolverine #1's February 19 release to discuss the artists' signature style and how it adapts to inking himself - and to drawing the original Logan in his first ongoing solo title in years.

Credit: Viktor Bogdanovic (Marvel Comics)

Newsarama: Viktor, this new #1 marks the original Wolverine’s first ongoing series in years. What’s it like bringing him back to the forefront in “Dawn of X”?

Viktor Bogdanovic: It’s incredible. I haven’t been this excited for a book since I broke into mainstream comics with Batman: Arkham Knight a couple of years ago. Wolverine is one of my all-time favorite characters so I’m trying to give you the best Wolverine I possibly can. It’s a lot of fun, even though I’m working day and night since I’m doing pencils and inks on all of my pages this time.

Nrama: What are the key things you keep in mind while drawing Logan? What do you see as the core principles of bringing Wolverine to the page?

Bogdanovic: I’d say it’s pretty straight forward. I draw him like the badass he is with an intense expression and lots of stubbles. And the fights gotta be ferocious, right? On the other hand, there’s a warm human side to him as well, so you’ll see that too.

Credit: Viktor Bogdanovic (Marvel Comics)

Nrama:  Without being too spoilery, what sort of stuff have you been drawing for the series so far?

Bogdanovic: I’m coming in with #1 (since it’s a double-sized issue and I’m doing one half of that) and then I’ll be back with #4. My story has been pretty dark so far. It has a nice horror vibe and as a big fan of the genre I really enjoy drawing that stuff. Lots of creepy guys, a dark atmosphere and of course - Omega Red.

Nrama: What aspects of Wolverine lore are you most excited to take on? Is there a specific villain or character you’re hoping to include?

Bogdanovic: Well, Omega Red is already in it so that would have been my choice. I also hope for a Nightcrawler or Colossus appearance. Love those characters. And then Wolverine travels around quite a bit so it’s nice to draw entirely different settings from Krakoa to Paris to the open landscape of Canada.

Nrama: What are the challenges of drawing a well-known character like Wolverine?

Bogdanovic: It’s sometimes tricky when I start drawing a new series. It usually takes an issue or two to get in the groove but this time I felt right at home from the first page. Like I’ve drawn Wolverine all my life (which is kinda true - I drew him when I was a kid). Something just clicked. I know the fans love this character so much and have high expectations so I hope they’re gonna enjoy my take on Logan.

Credit: Viktor Bogdanovic (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Viktor Bogdanovic (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: You’re working with writer Ben Percy on Wolverine. What’s your favorite thing he’s had you draw yet?

Bogdanovic: Ben is reading my mind. I was hoping for a bit of a darker story and that’s exactly what he came up with, so that gives me the opportunity to go really bold with the blacks. I love that. The episode in Paris was a lot of fun too. I rarely get to draw a setting like that.

Nrama: You’re also alternating arcs with Adam Kubert, who’s kicking off the new series. What are the advantages of having those rotating arcs? Have you and Adam worked together to develop the series’ look?

Credit: Viktor Bogdanovic (Marvel Comics)

Bogdanovic: No, Adam and I have two completely separate stories in issue #1 so I don’t know what he is doing except for the cool teasers he posts on Twitter. But he is one of the all-time greats so I know his stuff is gonna look fantastic and that’s pushing me to try my very best too. I don’t wanna drop the ball and embarrass myself, haha. The fans deserve a good looking Wolverine book.

Nrama: Bottom line, the Best There Is is back doing what he does – what’s in store for fans as this new series gets going?

Bogdanovic: A gritty, bloody, smelly, funny, scary story with a hairy hero who’s gonna take back his throne as the most badass superhero of them all. You’re gonna love it!

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