New Image GUARDIANS Teaser: "Gary" Potter Tests IP Law


Update 5 Mar 19:  Well, still no answers just yet, instead it's one more big joke. This time it's "getting ridiculous...and slightly illegal" by bringing in a bespectacled boy with a wand, a scar, and a pet owl making some magic. Image was careful to note (and name the file) that this is "Gary" and protect themselves under parody laws. If you want one extra little joke out of this one, take a look at the emblem on "Gary's" outfit.

Update 4 Mar 18: Is this Change we can all believe in? The joke continues today with none other than President Barack Obama. This one is a two-fold gag at their friends at Marvel Comics, continuing the Avengers joke, and also adding the tagline "I'm not as popular as I used to be. How much is Amazing Spider-Man 583 going for on eBay?" Still no confirmation on what the payoff will be of this joke, but we can likely expect one more of these tomorrow, and maybe some explanation soon.

Update 3 Mar 17: OK, we're starting to think this might be a bit of a joke. With this promotion, there is likely in fact a Guardians of the Globe series coming this August. There is also a high likelihood that you'll see Invincible on that team. There's a decent chance he'll be alongside mostly the members of that team we've seen in his comic before, and one or two surprises. There is, however, next to no chance at all that we'll see Rick Grimes, the lead character from Kirkman's The Walking Dead suddenly transported into the Image Universe and fighting on a superhero team. Nonetheless, here's Rick's teaser for August 2010's Guardians of the Globe.

Best Guess? August will see a  Guardians series. It will also see a major storyline start up in each of the series these teasers actually belong to. More coming soon.

Update 1 Mar 16: SPAWN? That's right, Spawn is the second member of the new Guardians of the Globe, assumedly getting their first comic since being introduced in Invincible #7 as the Image Universe's premiere superhero team years ago.

Continuing their tongue-in-cheek theme with the parodies of Marvel's Avengers teasers, Spawn is shown with the tagline "Todd lost a bet so he's loaning me out for this." The line refers to Spawn's creator Todd McFarlane, who has worked with Invincible writer Robert Kirkman on Haunt and Image United, and has had a joking rapport with him at conventions past.

With a second member revealed, it sure looks like August 2010 will be exciting for Invincible fans. Image has so far declined to comment beyond the teaser images, but rest assured we'll see more of these soon.

Original Story Mar 15: Borrowing generously and intentionally from Marvel’s recent series of Avengers teasers of the last month, on Monday afternoon Image Comics released the following teaser image featuring INVINCIBLE, with the tag lines “I’ve never really been much of a team player, and “I’m a member of the Guardians of the Globe – August 2010”

Post-Image United, is the major superteam of Image Comics finally getting their own series?

We’ll see if the next few days bring a whole series of the teasers and more clues as to who might be involved…

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