Creative Teams Announced for DC's TITANS GIANT (Including Classic TITANS Artist TOM GRUMMETT)

Titans Giant #1
Credit: Paulo Siquiera (DC)
Credit: Paulo Siquiera (DC)

DC has revealed the contents of March 18's Titans Giant #1, the first in a new volume of the 100-page 'Giants' anthologies.

The anthology will be led with a 16-page story by writer Phil Hester and artists Scott Koblish and Tom Grummett called "History Lessons."

"When one of Raven’s college professors goes missing, Nightwing is convinced the Titans should investigate," reads DC's description of the story. "But the danger they uncover is far greater than one missing person-the fate of humanity is at stake, and only Beast Boy can save the day!"

Former Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim and artist Steve Pugh also have a story in Titans Giant #1 - an 8-pager titled "Normal."

"A charistmatic cult leader has been recruiting followers to join his 'church,' a highly suspicious organization locked behind the walls of a private compound," reads the description. "For Raven, freeing this vulnerable flock is imperative…the question is, how can she save people who don’t want to be saved?"

The anthology will be back-ended by reprints of: “The Coast-to-Coast Calamities,” from Teen Titans #50 (1977); “Everything to Everyone,” from Starfire #1 (2015); and “Action Detectives Part One,” from Adventures of the Super Sons #1 (2018).

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