DC Renews JESÚS MERINO's Exclusive for 3 Years

Wonder Woman
Credit: Jesús Merino/Vicente Cifuentes/Romulo Fajardo Jr. (DC)
Credit: Jesús Merino (DC)

Artist Jesús Merino has renewed his exclusivity agreement with DC, extending it for three additional years. He recently drew a story in January's Wonder Woman #750, and will return for a two-issue stint with April's #755 and #756.

"Somebody in DC had the great idea of renewing my exclusive agreement, which means I’ll be doing DC things for the next three years!" Merino wrote on his Facebook page. "As I told before, this is the place where to stay! Thanks DC!"

Credit: Jesús Merino/Vicente Cifuentes/Romulo Fajardo Jr. (DC)

This is Merino's second exclusive deal, following a similar deal signed in 2016. At that time, DC Co-Publisher/Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee lauded Merino's work.

"He does a great job at combining the heroic and inspirational element of the DC mythos with a clean, dynamic and energetic style that really brings out the best in the DC characters!" said Lee.

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