A Charming Entrepreneur Enters the Picture in RED MOTHER #4 First Look

"Red Mother #4" first look

With two issues on shelves and a third due out next Wednesday, BOOM! Studios have shared a first look at March's Red Mother #4. Due out March 18, this issue follows Daisy as she delves deeper into her fiancee's disapparance and the visions she's having of the titular Red Mother.

"As Daisy works to unravel the secrets behind her fiance’s disappearance and her own horrific  visions, she is approached by the mysterious Leland Black, a too-charming entrepreneur with an intriguing proposition," reads BOOM!'s solicitation for the issue. "As Daisy struggles to keep both feet in reality, Leland Black might be the tipping point… one way or another."

The series comes from writer Jeremy Haun and artist Danny Luckert. Read out interview with the duo here.

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