JUGGERNAUT Gets His First Solo Series

Juggernaut #1
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Ron Garney will launch Juggernaut this May, a new five-issue series starring Cain Marko as he finds his place in the "Dawn of X" status quo.

The story centers around Juggernaut's lack of place on Krakoa as a non-mutant whose powers are derived from the magical Gem of Cyttorak. Despite his years of association with the X-Men as both a villain and an ally - and being Professor X's step-brother - Krakoa is mutants only, meaning that someone like Juggernaut is not allowed to live there.

“That basically instigates the entire story. Having been X and lost, what does Cain become now?" Nicieza told IGN, who announced the series. "After years of back and forth and madness and sadness, he had become a member in good standing of the X-Men, and then while he's away dancing in Limbo, mutantkind gets everything they could have ever hoped for... and Cain can't be a part of that. How he reacts to that rejection becomes the exploration of who he is going to become without the one thing that - for good and bad - has defined him for most of his life.”

Juggernaut will team Cain Marko up with a mysterious new character named D-Cel with powers that counter the Juggernaut's unstoppable force - and he'll get new armor to boot.

Here's the solicit for May's Juggernaut #1, along with the cover from Geoff Shaw. Look for Marvel's full May 2020 solicitations later this month on Newsarama.

READY OR ‘NAUT, HERE HE COMES! A mystic gem. A force of overwhelming power. Nothing can stop the Juggernaut. Except himself. Another building falls. Cain Marko is done letting others pick up the pieces of the things he’s destroyed. Renowned X-scribe Fabian Nicieza (X-FORCE, DEADPOOL) and celebrated artist Ron Garney (CAPTAIN AMERICA, DAREDEVIL) team up to take the unstoppable in a new bold new direction!

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