VALIANT Alums Reuniting For a New Publishing Company with a 'Bad Idea'

Bad Idea
Credit: Bad Idea

Newsarama has received a teaser from former Valiant Entertainment spokesperson Hunter Gorinson promoting a new comics publishing company launching this year - one that has a host of fellow Valiant alums.

"Your new favorite comic book publisher," reads the teaser text, included with the above graphic. "Announcement tomorrow. Art by Doug Braithwaite, Tomas Giorello, Lewis Larosa, and Adam Pollina. (Nice, right?)"

It isn't clear if 'Bad Idea' is the name of the publisher, the name of a project, or something else.

Gorinson was part of the team which relaunched Valiant Entertainment in 2012, but left as part of a larger company shake-up in early 2018. Since then, he and fellow Valiant alum Dinesh Shamdasani have been working together at Hivemind - a TV/film company involved with Netflix's The Witcher, Amazon's The Expanse, and several planned TV and film adaptations. Shamdasani is also involved with this 'Bad Idea' project, according to his Twitter page.

Former Valiant Editor-in-Chief Warren Simons, who left the company shortly after Shamdasani and Gorinson, has also tied himself in with 'Bad Idea' on Twitter.

The listed artists for 'Bad Idea' - like Gorinson, Shamdasani, and Simons - all worked at Valiant previously as well.

Look for more on 'Bad Idea' in the coming weeks here at Newsarama.

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