MARVEL Miscredits CAPTAIN AMERICA's Creators in THE END, Editor Says 'Embarassing Mistake'

Captain America: The End #1
Credit: Erik Larsen/Edgar Delgado (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

This week's Captain America: The End #1 ended the issue with a credits page that mistakenly credited Stan Lee as co-creator of the titular hero.

While the book reads that "Captain America created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby," it was actually Joe Simon and Jack Kirby who created the character. Lee was not yet working in comics at the time and actually didn't make his comic book debut until Captain America Comics #3 with a back-up prose story.

Credit: Erik Larsen/Edgar Delgado (Marvel Comics)

Captain America: The End's writer/artist Erik Larsen was informed of the error Tuesday on Twitter, replying "Sigh. Joe Simon and Jack Kirby creates Captain America."

The one-shot's editor, Jordan D. White, replied to that saying "Yeah—it was an embarrassing mistake, but nothing we can do at this point but apologize."

The publisher plans to correct error in the digital edition and for any future printings and collections.

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