Disney's BOB IGER Teases Big MARVEL TV Slate

Still from Disney+ 'Big Game' TV spot
Credit: Disney+

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger boasted about Marvel Studios' TV plans at the company's earnings call Tuesday, announcing that in addition to the three Disney+ shows already in production - Loki, WandaVision, and The Falcon & Winter Soldier - there are over double that number in development.

"There are seven other Marvel series in various stages of development or pre-production," Iger said Tuesday, as quoted by The Hollywood Reporter.

He didn't specify what those seven were, and trying to get to number depends on whether you think he's counting Marvel's various animated programs in development and/or shows began by Marvel Television prior to the recent restructuring that brought it under the Marvel Studios umbrella.

If Iger's referring strictly to live action and including Hulu, there are five publicly-known - Disney+'s She-Hulk, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight and Hulu's Helstrom. A sixth could be a Marvel show ABC is reportedly courting Kevin Feige to develop . That would still leave a seventh show a complete mystery.

Could it be the long-gestating John Ridley "Superhero reinvention" series announced in 2015 but whose status was "Soooo classified" in June 2018 by then-Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb? That ship might've sailed without an official announcement - or not.

But if the Disney CEO is counting both live action and animated shows in Marvel's portfolio, that would change the calculus as there's many Marvel animated shows that have been previously announced. What is still currently in production is something of a game of speculation. There's two at Hulu (M.O.D.O.K., Hit Monkey), one at Disney+ (What If?), one at Disney Junior (Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends), and also a Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur animated series in development.

Other shows that presumably wouldn't make the cut would be the already-running animated series Spider-Man, Big Hero 6, the already-filmed final season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., or the currently-running documentary series Marvel's Hero Project.

Either way, the known factors are hard to equate to seven so we'll await more info from Disney.

Hey Bob, call us - you've got our number.

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