Finally a New NEW MUTANTS Poster; Includes New 20th Century Studios Logo

New Mutants
Credit: 20th Century Studios
Credit: 20th Century Studios

The latest New Mutants poster is giving off the vibes of another bit of teen fiction - Village of the Damned, Midwich Cuckoos, Children of the Corn, and other films in that sub-genre which include mind-controlled adolescents.

Also worth nothing - this is the first New Mutants poster sporting the new 20th Century Studios logo, as Disney has changed the name from the previous 20th Century Fox.

And while Disney has finally given New Mutants a brand new poster, it’s worth mentioning the April 3 film did not get any Super Bowl love by Disney on Sunday, who did buy ad time for Mulan, Black Widow and the first three MCU Disney+ streaming series during the broadcast.

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