Hugo Weaving as Red Skull in CAPTAIN AMERICA Movie?

Weaving as Red Skull in CAPTAIN AMERICA?

Most of the rumors and speculation surrounding the Joe Johnston directed "Captain America" film have circled who will play the title role. As many as eight different actors have been rumored as in the running with as much as screen tests involved. Now, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, there's a rumor about who will play his main foe.

As many suspected, The Red Skull will be the villain of the WWII-era film, and genre film heavyweight Hugo Weaving is reportedly in talks to play him. Weaving has been a mainstay of geek films with roles in "V for Vendetta," "The Matrix" trilogy, the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, and more.

The Red Skull has likewise been a mainstay of Captain America comics, as a crazed nazi, a communist overlord, in a cloned body of Steve Rogers himself, and more. Always the ruthless despot, he is essentially the equal and opposite of Cap. Though multiple people have carried the name, the likely version used here will be Johann Schmidt.

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