The Natural
Credit: Federico Vicentini (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Federico Vicentini (Marvel Comics)

Meet Marvel's newest character: a maligned Captain America super fan called the Natural. Scheduled to be introduced in February 26's Falcon & Winter Soldier #1, this 'hero' explores a dark side to Cap's legacy that Bucky and Sam will try to correct.

"The Natural is a Captain America super-fan who learned all the wrong things from Steve Rogers’ legacy and has gone down a pretty dark path as a result - though he certainly doesn’t see it that way," Marvel associate editor Alanna Smith told ComicBook."Bucky and Sam are both integral parts of that legacy, so they’re really going to wrestle with how on earth to deal with this very cheerful and very violent guy who’s being seduced by Hydra."

While best known as a superhero boy scout, in 2017 Marvel dramatically twisted Captain America himself for the Secret Empire event - including a retcon that revealed Steve Rogers had been a member of Hydra since a very young age. That was later retconned back to the earlier continuity with some Cosmic Cube shenanigans.

This dark Captain America cadet is designed to show the "dark traits" of the character itself.

"He wants to be Captain America, his idol, his hero, but he does that from the wrong side of the barricade, unaware of his mistakes," said series artist Federico Vicentini. "Bucky and Sam will have to do their best to show him what it really means to be Captain America. For his costume I tried to keep some details from Cap’s old one (the boots, for example), but I also added something new, like the black logo on his chest and mask, to point out the dark traits of his behavior."

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