SUPERMAN GIANT #2 Introduces a 'Villainous Gambler' to METROPOLIS

Superman Giant #2
Credit: Rafa Sandoval/Jordi Tarragona (DC)
Credit: Rafa Sandoval/Jordi Tarragona (DC)

DC has revealed the contents of March 4's Superman Giant #2, leading with a new 24-page story by series writer Robert Venditti and artists Paul Pelletier and Andrew Hennessy.

"Someone is running bets on Superman's exploits throughout Metropolis and putting ordinary citizens in harm's way," reads DC's description. "Can Superman locate this villainous gambler in time - or will the house take all?"

In addition to that, there are reprints of the following:  “Fakeouts," from Supergirl #55 (2008); "Brainiac part two," from Action Comics #867 (2010); and "Escape from Dinosaur Island," from Superman #9 (2016).

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