Comics Society for Asian Americans Formed in New York City

Asian Americans in Comics Society
Robert Shum, Glen Isip, Greg Tumbarello, Alice Meichi Li, Lisa Y. Wu, Alexander Lu, Ramon Gil, and Stan Chou at the first Asian Americans in Comics Society meeting
Credit: Lisa Y. Wu

An organization has been launched for the comic industry's talented Americans of Asian descent. Based out of New York City, the Asian Americans in Comics Society aims to bring Asian Americans together for creative, business, and personal connections.

"The Asian American comic community is a highly diverse group and, in many ways, underrepresented," said founder Lisa Y. Wu. "We need better opportunities to achieve positions within companies that ensure that we are heard or allow us to affect positive changes for the entire industry."

"I created the Asian Americans in Comics Society to create a network of support and encourage Asian American leadership as a sustained priority, not just as a one-time diversity project."

Asian Americans in Comics Society's first meeting was held in January - perfectly coincided with Lunar New Year, with further meet-ups planned on a monthly basis. The group currently has 51 members, and plan on opening the group to other cities later in the year.

“I’ve always been an activist and was there with boots on the ground at the beginning of the Asian movement in New York City," said Larry Hama. "I was active in Basement Workshop in Chinatown, did illustrations for Bridge Magazine, and was active in Asian Tactical Theater. I am happy to participate in Asian American in Comics Society."

Look for more information on this group in the coming months.

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