When Superheroes Become Mundane, the Mundane Becomes The Star in DOSE! #1 Preview

"Dose #1" preview

Sean Ellis and John Gebbia's long-running webcomic Dose! is being migrated over to be an ongoing series for indie publisher It's Alive. 

"Dose! is a unique reinterpretation of the super hero genre which explores what would happen to society if the technology and superhero population introduced in the Silver Age of Comics grew exponentially through today," reads the publisher's description of the series. "Super powers are mundane, kaiju walk the streets, and cybernetic enhancement surgery is just a phone call away - if you have the cubits to pay for it, that is."

Dose! #1 is scheduled to debut this May, and is currently running an Indiegogo to raise $1000 (or more).

Click through for a three-page preview of the first issue, as well as three covers.

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