BLOG@FrontPage-a-Rama 03.11.10: Spidey Musical Woes, More

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<Conan Goes on Tour!:  Man, I can’t wait to see him rain some Cimmerian justice on downtown Indianapolis.  Seriously, I hope he heads right to Carmel and . . . wait, you mean Coco?  Damn.  Well, that’s cool, too.

Same Spidey Musical Troubles, Different Day:  <a href=>Entertainment Weekly</a>  reported that Evan Rachel Wood dropped out of the seemingly cursed Spider-Man musical, “Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark”, due to scheduling conflicts.  Previews were originally supposed to begin in February, but were postponed in January with no new date in sight.

Genre-crazy Pilots:  The casting updates for pilot season at <a href=>The Hollywood Reporter</a> aren’t nearly as interesting as the premises of the pilots.  A veritable genre-palooza is in play, with shows based on heroic shape-shifters (“Betwixt”), assassin remakes (“Nikita”), accused-cop-turned-masked hero (“The Cape”), and fan-made TV programming (“Our Show”).  With other genre shows in play, like Michael Chiklis’s super-powered show, one wonders how much real estate they’ll actually cover come fall.

People Bitching About Star Wars:  That’s another possible title for “The People vs. George Lucas”, a documentary that premieres Saturday at SXSW.  Entertainment Weekly interviews director Alexandre O. Phillipe.  Phillipe doesn’t mess around, interviewing the likes of Neil Gaiman and David Prowse regarding the occasionally complicated love that fans have for the films.  Check out the trailer <a href=>here</a> to see if it’s your cup of Bantha fodder.

ArtPlant BSG MMOG for Bigpoint:  If you know what this means, get thee here.  I’d love to get on there and frak up some posters.  I mean toasters.  Really.

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