Advance Review: McFarlane's BATMAN HELLBAT Action Figure

McFarlane Toys/DC Wave One
Credit: McFarlane Toys/DC

You could swing this guy around and he’d be a serious weapon. McFarlane Toys sort of made a name for themselves making these clunky figures in the 1990s, but there’s never been this level of articulation.

Credit: McFarlane Toys/DC
Credit: McFarlane Toys/DC

Based on the Patrick Gleason's Hellbat armor from Batman & Robin #33, this was conceived as a battle armor for a jaunt to Apokolips - and each member of the Justice League had their hand in creating the armor, from Superman actually forging the metal in the sun, to Cyborg giving the armor voice-control to the nanoparticles.

Although an amazing design, this is the first time it's been made into a figure - and it's quite impressive.

Standing 8 inches tall, the main body has a glossy coat to the armor, with the bat symbol and belt being more on the flat matte side. The bracers, gauntlets, and toes of the boots, though, have this metallic gradient that pulls the whole look together.

That's disappointing however, when you realize the wings are just a plain, boring, flat  black. Had they either the gloss or metallic look to it, it would have been perfect. The spiked shoulder pads do come off and can be angled that allows for more shoulder posing, however.

Credit: McFarlane Toys/DC

Hellbat here doesn’t really need the base provided, but it's there if you want a more uniform look for displaying the collection. The wings peg into the back of Hellbat with ease and can be repositioned just as easily. They fold out and in so it’s up to you on how crazy you want to get with his wingspan.

‘Rama Rating: 9 out of 10

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