AARON & GUERA's GODDAMNED to Return This May [Mature Content]

Credit: r.m.Guéra (Image Comics)
Credit: r.m.Guéra/Giulia Brusco/Jared Fletcher (Image Comics)

Jason Aaron and r.m Guéra's biblical crima drama The Goddamned will return this May in a new volume titled "The Virgin Brides," which follows up the series' first arc - 2015-2016's "Before the Flood."

"That’s right, the long-awaited return of your favorite Biblically-gruesome crime series, The Goddamned, is officially imminent. Look for the beginning of our second volume, 'The Virgin Brides,' in May," Aaron wrote on his newsletter.

Credit: r.m.Guéra (Image Comics)

"Thanks to the usual crew of artist r.m.Guéra, colorist Giulia Brusco and letterer/designer Jared Fletcher, it’s f---ing stunning, and will punch your soul right in the balls. Or your balls in their soul. Or maybe all of the above."

And now that The Goddamned is on its way back, to avoid the scheduling issues previous volume the previous volume incurred, Aaron and Guéra have decided not to launch this second volume until the entire arc is complete.

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