JASON AARON Frames His 2020 AVENGERS Plans as 'Breeding Ground for Everything New I Want to Do in the MARVEL U'

Marvel Comics April 2020 solicitations
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Stephanie Durels Manning

Jason Aaron launched his Avengers run in May 2018, and 20 months in he's now framing 2020 as "the main source and breeding ground for everything new I want to do in the Marvel Universe."

"You’re seeing that unfold right now in the wild, space-adventuring, Silver-Surfer-stabbing, Brood-Thor-roaring “Starbrand Reborn” arc of Avengers, the most recent issue of which, #29 (featuring the star-spanning artistic talents of Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales and Paco Medina), came out last week," Aaron said in his newsletter.

Credit: Marvel Comics

"You’ll see it even more in the next big arc I’ve been writing, which features a character I’ve voiced an interest in online a few times lately, one I’ve never really sunk my teeth into before but will be bringing to the book in what I hope will be a profoundly ass-kicking way," the writer continued.

Who is he referring to? That would likely be Moon Knight, who is slated for April's Avengers #33. Back in June 2019, Aaron tweeted this for fans of the character.

"Damn. I see you, Moon Knight fans," Aaron tweeted. "I think you’ll really dig what I’ve got in mind.

Back to present day, Aaron ended the Avengers portion of his newsletter by framing it in a big picture sort of way.

"You’ll see it in all the crazy plans to come, which I’ve already been seeding (look to King Thor #4 for a bit of that), featuring the main, iconic Avengers you know and love and a few other folks you probably wouldn’t expect to see assembling alongside them. Plus a lot more of Blade stabbing things."

"In other words, I’m incredibly excited about all things AVENGERS in 2020."

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