Justice League #41
Credit: Aaron Lopresti/Matt Ryan/David Baron (DC)
Credit: Bryan Hitch (DC)

Writer Robert Venditti takes over DC’s Justice League title with February’s issue #40, working with veteran artists Doug Mahnke and Aaron Lopresti on a story that features the return of the Eradicator.

DC provided some Newsarama preview pages from Venditti’s second issue, Justice League #41 — which features art by Lopresti with inker Matt Ryan and colorist David Baron. And Venditti talked to us about how the concept of “team” plays an important role in his run.

“The characters in Justice League are the biggest icons in comics,” Venditti said, “and they all have their own massive mythologies that go back a long way, so for my Justice League run, I really wanted to focus on the concept of team and what it’s like for this whole group to come together.

Credit: Aaron Lopresti/Matt Ryan/David Baron (DC)
Credit: Aaron Lopresti/Matt Ryan/David Baron (DC)

“They’re all leads in their own books, so what’s it like when a bunch of leads all come together into a single book?” Venditti explained. “And how does that operate? Teams are great things and are supportive, but they can also be very messy. Not everybody always agrees on exactly what they’re going to do and those kinds of things.

“So I wanted to bring those elements into my stories for Justice League,” he said, “but also find a way to pull from one of two of the pre-existing mythologies that go with these characters and create a threat that, combined, is so big that it would require a power set on the scale of the Justice League in order to deal with it.”

Venditti’s first Justice League storyline focuses on an invasion by Eradicator and a strike team he’s developed that involve the Kryptonian-associated Daxamites, but with a new genetic twist.

Credit: Aaron Lopresti/Matt Ryan/David Baron (DC)

“We’ve taken Eradicator - which is a character normally associated with the Superman mythology - and then we’ve taken the concept of Daxamites, which is something that is often associated with Green Lantern mythology, and we’ve combined them,” Venditti explained.

Credit: Aaron Lopresti/Matt Ryan/David Baron (DC)
Credit: Aaron Lopresti/Matt Ryan/David Baron (DC)

“Eradicator has this drive to safeguard and protect the legacy of Krypton, but he’s just not going to get there through Clark anymore,” the writer said. “I think he’s banged his thumb with that hammer enough times. But with the discovery of the Daxamites and the knowledge that there is sort of this legacy of Krypton’s bloodline that exists out there in the universe, he creates an army that’s genetically engineered from the Daxamites to come to Earth where Daxamites will no longer have to live in fear, isolated on a planet without a yellow sun.

“They can now come to Earth and have a planet with a yellow sun, get rid of Superman and no longer have to live in fear but be the ones who control everything,” he said. “And that’s how Eradicator’s going to get his end.”

Venditti reinvigorated DC’s Hawkman title and just came off a Freedom Fighters limited series for the publisher. He takes over the twice-a-month Justice League series after the departure of writer Scott Snyder.

Check back with Newsarama for more of our interview with Venditti about what readers can expect from his run on Justice League.

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