Oni's RENDER Postponed Indefinitely After Artist Suffers Health Issues

Oni Press November 2019 cover
Credit: Oni Press
Credit: Oni Press

Oni Press have canceled all orders for r(ender) #1 through #3, but the series is still in active development. The publisher's representative explained that original series artist Lenka Šimecková has stepped down due to health issues, with co-creator/writer Leah Williams and Oni now looking for a new artist to resume work on the book.

"Leah Williams and Lenka Šimecková's widely anticipated r(ender); has been postponed due to an unfortunate circumstance," said an Oni representative. "Mid-way through the first arc, our artist, Lenka Šime?ková encountered unanticipated health challenges which left her unable to continue the book at this time."

"Lenka has been with us since the beginning and while we're sad to see her go, we understand this decision was not made lightly on her part and wish her the best and hope for a speedy recovery."

Credit: Oni Press

"We are incredibly proud of her work on the book, but in an effort to ensure that the series provides our readers a reliable release schedule and consistent reading experience, we have chosen to hold off on this release," Oni's representative continued.

"We will set a new release date and resolicit when we have a new artist on board, and a schedule preventing further delays," said Oni's representative. "In the meantime, we thank you for your initial support of this project, and aim to give you every assurance of our continued commitment to r(ender); and the vision of its creator, Leah Williams, along with our future artist/co-creator."

Originally announced as a 10-issue series to debut in April 2019 from Lion Forge, R(ender) was later moved over to Oni (Lion Forge's sister company) with a solicited October 2, 2019 release date. Issues #2 and #3 were also solicited by Oni, with the release dates of all three issues later being rescheduled before now being canceled.

"We’ve truly loved working with Lenka but we have to prioritize her well-being," Williams told Newsarama. "Newly settling in with Oni, now, fortunately provides us with the juncture where we can actually pause to make such a prioritization happen, and allows us to shift gears with a new artist and co-collaborator accordingly."

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