PHILIP K. DICK'S HEAD IS MISSING and Other Weird Tales in HEAVY METAL #298 Preview

Heavy Metal #298

Press Release

Heavy Metal Entertainment announces the release of Heavy Metal #298, the Furthest Reaches Special, to be released March 2020. In the lead up to Heavy Metal’s landmark 300th issue, the world's greatest illustrated science fiction mag will take readers to the edge of the cosmos and beyond with this specially curated issue.

Managing editor Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, Halloween, Batman Eternal) helms the intergalactic Heavy Metal starship bound for Alpha Proxima 9!  An amazing collection of all-new science fiction tales fills this issue.  Stories so twisted they are sure to blow a circuit in that defective cybernetic implant you had inserted into your cerebellum.

In this issue:

“Murky World” Chapter 12, by Richard Corben, continues.  In a bizarre land populated by hungry deadlings, cruel necromancers, and buxom cyclops, Tugat the warrior sets out to retrieve his lost horse Frix.

David Hine & Mark Stafford create bone-chilling intersections with insectoid life in "Bug House."

Alex Smith takes us through a "Body Jack"as modification reaches new frontiers.

Matt Emmons plumbs the robot psyche with "The Incubator."

Emilio Balcarce & Marcelo Perez explore "A New Life" in the collapse of a robot army.  

James Maddox & Ben Templesmith plunge us into the "Abyss of Souls" with partners lost in space.  

“Philip K Dick's Head is Missingis based on the true story of the Android Head of sci-fi legend Philip K. Dick that went missing in 2005.  In 1980, Robert Faraday, assistant to Philip K. Dick, chronicles the author quickly losing his mind. While the author tries to explain staggering visions from space, his Android simulacrum gains a sentience of its own in the future. A shared destiny links them as events hurtle towards a singularity. By Michael David Nelsen? and Dwayne Harris?.

Carlos Huante, Artist and concept designer for the Ridley Scott films Alien: Covenant and Alien: Prometheus, is featured with a gallery of previously unseen images and concept designs. Also highlighted in a gallery is futurist visionary Josan Gonzalez (Deathburger) as he discusses his post apocalyptic worlds of Robo-City Prime and New Citadel 9. Interviews by Hanna Means Shannon.

In Omar Estevez and FG Dr. Stain Ortiz Rivero’s “Totemic”, a couple of bandits in a ravaged world discover that sometimes it’s better not to get what you asked for.

“Project Z”: An earth-shattering asteroid changed the course of mankind forever. The few who survived sought to rebuild what was lost, factions of people scattered across the earth, unbeknownst to one another, fight to survive on this now desolate earth. By Matt Medney & Morgan Rosenblum.

“Dowser” is a short story by Dwayne Harris. In a world nearly devoid of drinkable water, a vicious gang holds sway over one of the few remaining wells in the American Southwest. When their well runs dry, they seek out a legendary figure, the Dowser, to help them find another - whether he’s willing to or not. 

“I’m sorry” is a paradoxical tale about time and the universe. Script by Alberto Rayo, Art by Dary Huari, color by Isai Munake and lettering by Diego Revelo.

In “Sacred Geometry” Baron Edwin G. Krambiss ponders about geometry and the secret of existence. Written and Illustrated by Michael E. Bennett

Heavy Metal #298 features three alternate covers to choose from.

Cover A: “Taarna” by Esau Escorza & Carlos Villas

Cover B:“Recalculating” by Gabriel Ippoliti

Cover C:by Phil Cohen

Heavy Metal CEO, Matt Medney says, “The adventures of the mind run rampant in this amalgamation of ‘out of this world’ stories.”

“We've been running a lot of themes in the magazine the past several years, and as we reach a milestone, we wanted to celebrate the genres that made this magazine what it is," explains managing editor Tim Seeley.

Senior editor R.G. Llarena says, “A good mix of new and established voices who sing in unison for all the cosmos to hear! I hope readers throughout the Multiverse join us in this issue where we celebrate the sci-fi roots of the magazine.”

“Your brain will be reduced to nebula dust if you make it to the end of the issue,” explains content editor Frank Forte.

Heavy Metal Magazine can be pre-ordered at comic book stores across the world. Pre-order due date is Wed. Jan. 22, 2020 at your local comic store. A list of comic book stores near you can be found at:

Heavy Metal Magazine will also be available at newsstands, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million on March 4, 2020.

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