BLACK KNIGHT & SERSEI's Romance Rekindled for ETERNALS Movie?

Avengers #373
Credit: Marvel Comics

Kit Harington and Gemma Chan were spotted in an intimate moment on the set of Marvel Studios' Eternals, sharing an embrace as their characters Dane Whitman and Sersei.

You can see the image right here, via Page Six - they're both in street clothes, though Chan is wearing Sersei's usual green color scheme. And yeah - Kit Harrington's Dane Whitman is wearing what looks to be a brown leather jacket.

In comic books, Dane Whitman/The Black Knight and Sersei had a longtime romance that began when they were both serving on the Avengers, but continued on even after they were both briefly shunted to an alternate universe.

Eternals is currently in production for a November 6 theatrical release.

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