BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER To Introduce 'Most Important New Character in 20+ Years' This APRIL

Credit: Caitlin Yarsky (BOOM! Studios)
Credit: Caitlin Yarsky (BOOM! Studios)

"The most important new character in over 20 years" for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise is set to be revealed in an April 8 one-shot from BOOM! Studios. The anthology one-shot Buffy: Every Generation #1 will reveal the secret origins of some of the most important Slayers in history, including this new mystery character.

"Just when you think you know everything about the Chosen One, a brand new character shows up to turn the whole universe on its head," BOOM! Executive Editor Jeanine Schaefer said in the announcement.

Schaefer and BOOM! wouldn't reveal details on the character (or even their name) at this point, but is framing their introduction as a major moment not just for the BOOM! titles but the entire franchise.

"Buffy’s been through the Hellmouth, fought alongside Angel, been replaced by Kendra, and now has to deal with the backlash in Ring of Fire but all of that is nothing compared to what comes next for the Slayer and everyone else in the Buffyverse," Schaefer continued. "Hold onto your seats because this special will… BLOW. YOUR. MIND!"

M.F.K.'s Nilah Magruder will write the lead story, with additional work by Morgan Beem, Lauren Garcia, Caitlin Yarsky, Lauren Knight, and Alex Guimarães.

Look for more on Buffy: Every Generation #1 in the coming months here at Newsarama.

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