Hasbro Black Widow toys

Hasbro released some new images and information for figures and toys arriving in the spring that tie into May's Black Widow, including a 6" Marvel Legends figure featuring the titular character in her white costume and a "Stinger Strike NERF Dart-Launcher."

Also included is a play "Stealth Slash Sword and Shield" set letting little Marvel fans pretend they're the Taskmaster.

Here's the official sales copy:

"TASKMASTER is armed with the ability to mimic an enemy’s every move. Imagine the masked assassin TASKMASTER suiting up and carrying out deadly missions with this MARVEL BLACK WIDOW TASKMASTER STEALTH SLASH SWORD AND SHIELD, inspired by MARVEL’S BLACK WIDOW movie. The calculating and formidable TASKMASTER always has a surprise for enemies. Pull the sword from the shield and imagine surprising other combatants in battle! Slide the switch on the shield and it retracts into a gauntlet or opens up. The shield also includes an elastic strap that fits easily on most fans’ wrists. Includes sword, shield, and instructions."

Interestingly, Hasbro avoids using any gender-specific pronouns to refer to Taskmaster. While that's relatively common with Hasbro sales sheets, they have used gender-specific pronouns referring to male and female characters in the past. 

Not reading too much into it, but just sayin'...

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