Advance Review: McFarlane Toys' BATGIRL Figure

McFarlane Toys/DC Wave One
Credit: McFarlane Toys/DC
Credit: McFarlane Toys/DC
Credit: McFarlane Toys/DC

We’ve seen the Batgirl of Burnside in figure form, but this is the first figure for Sean Gordon Murphy's new design that debuted in 2018's Batgirl #27.

In this Babs is back to her roots, clothed in grays, blues, and yellows - inspired somewhat by the older Batgirl: Year One protosuit. The replacement of the cowl with a domino mask - while still making sure to keep those bat ears - is playful, while still letting people know where her roots lie.

The high points of the articulation do wonders here for Batgirl, as you're really able to show off her athletic ability with some fun poses -- especially with her grapnel gun (which has been fired).

The figure also comes with one-third of the Batmobile build-a-vehicle.

Credit: Lan Pitts (Newsarama)
Credit: Lan Pitts (Newsarama)

This costume was absolutely made to be immortalized in plastic, and McFarlane Toys' designers really lived up to the promise of Murphy's design here - especially given the looming shadow of how great the previous one, Batgirl of Burnside, was for everyone.

This figure's hair sculpt is the only major downfall here, as due to it the posability is somewhat limited; she can only turn her head so much. That being said, it's still an improvement over some other figures who have all of their long hair in the back, which is even more limiting for head-turning.

If there's one thing missin gfrom this, it would be something unique to make it more special: an unmasked head, or some other weapon so is not just "another" Batfigure.

‘Rama Rating: 8 out of 10

This figure is due out in stores by the end of January.

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