Empyre: Spider-Man #1
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Former Saturday Night Live performer Taran Killam will write Empyre: Spider-Man alongside artist Diego Orlotegui, as announced by the A.V. Club. The three-issue series will tie Spider-Man into Empyre, the upcoming Avengers/Fantastic Four-centric event that unites the Kree and Skrull empires to conquer Earth.

Though specific details of Empyre: Spider-Man are still under wraps, the story features the return of a classic Spidey-foe. Humberto Ramos will provide covers.

“So grateful to everyone at Marvel for inviting me back to write a tie-in adventure for the mega Empyre event. This time for the main man himself, Mr. Peter Parker," said Killam in the announcement. "It is an absolute honor to contribute a small piece to the epic mythology of The Amazing Spider-Man. I do not take this opportunity lightly. But now I can finally have the actual Spider-Man say the catchphrase I created for him when I was ten: ‘It’s Web-a-lingy-thwip-thwap o’clock!’ (This catchphrase will not be included in this or any future series.)”

“Growing up, Spider-Man was my make believe avatar,” Killam continued. “I saw so much of myself in him and was desperate to manifest much of his personality in me. So in a way, I do feel I’ve been preparing for this my entire life. My goal is to create a fresh, exciting and entertaining story that does justice to the Web-head we all know and love. Because I do...I love Spider-Man.”

Killam's debut Marvel Comics work will appear in January 29's Spider-Verse #4, in a story that features a "wild west" style Spider-Man. Interestingly, Killam isn't the only Marvel alum in his family - he's married to Marvel Studios actor Cobie Smulders, who portrays Maria Hill.

Empyre: Spider-Man #1 is due out in April.

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