The Truth Comes Out in THE BLACK GHOST #5 Preview

"Black Ghost #5" preview

The finale of the creator-owned series The Black Ghost is due out January 22, and Newsarama has an exclusive preview. Published by New Wave Comics through the comiXology Originals program, The Black Ghost follow a journalist as she investigates a new masked vigilante working in her city. Read our interview with the writers here.

Writers: Monica Gallagher & Alex Segura
Artists: George Kambadais, Ellie Wright, Taylor Esposito
Cover: Monica Gallagher
Hard Revolution Part 5: A Stranger In My Grave
The final act of THE BLACK GHOST's opening adventure! Lara, her identity revealed, stands face-to-face with the person behind all the destructive machinations slowly unspooling her life. But time is short and Lara is overmatched. Can she pull it together to not only win - but survive?

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