Oscar-Nominated Director BONG JOON HO Doesn't Think He's a Match for MARVEL

Bong Joon Ho
Credit: Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock.com

Director Bong Joon Ho is having a moment, but don't expect the Academy Award-nominated director of Parasite to parley his success into a gig at Marvel Studios.

Bong, who last year garnered some attention for saying he had no interest in making superhero films because he “can’t stand people wearing tight-fitting clothes,” to the point of seeing such outfits is “mentally difficult” for him, reiterated his lack of interest in the genre in a new interview with Variety

As part of the Hollywood trade's “The Big Ticket” movie podcast, he was once again asked about Marvel. 

“I don’t think Marvel would ever want a director like me,” he said with the help of a translator according to Variety. “I don’t expect any offers from them anytime soon.

"Of their movies, I did enjoy the films by James Gunn and James Mangold’s Logan, and I think they are great directors who can handle great projects like that. The film industry seems complicated, but I think it’s quite simple for directors. It’s just best to do what you’re good at. And so I don’t really think Marvel and I are suitable for each other. That’s something I just intuitively feel.”

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