HBO MAX and DC UNIVERSE's Relationship Still Being Worked Out

DC Universe
Credit: DC Universe

WarnerMedia's HBO Max streaming service is set to debut this May, and is set to share some orginal content with its sister streaming service, DC Universe, as well as featute some DC-based shows that will not be on the DC-themed service. HBO Max's Chief Content Officer Kevin Reilly said this week that the relationship between the two is still being ironed out - but hopes both can continue.

"We’re working out what those mechanics are," Reilly said (according to The Hollywood Reporter). "We have to figure out those two subscriptions, and we haven’t worked out the mechanics of what that’s going to look like."

Credit: Warner Bros.

THR reports that "One option is for DCU originals to air a day early on that platform before dropping on HBO Max." That is a strategy WarnerMedia has already announced to use for DC Universe's Stargirl series, which will also air on the CW.

HBO Max has already announced that the second season of the one-time DC Universe exclusive series Doom Patrol will run concurrently on their service.

Other DC shows HBO Max plans to have exclusively are an untitled Green Lantern show, Strange AdventuresDC Super Hero HighDMZ  and Aquaman: King of Atlantis.

DC Universe's remaining known exclusive shows are Harley Quinn, Titans, Young Justice, and the postponed Metropolis series.

During this week's interview, Reilly also confirmed HBO Max would be sharing content from other WarnerMedia services such as Boomerang.

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