Advance Review: Todd McFarlane's BATMAN - DETECTIVE COMICS #1000 Figure

McFarlane Toys/DC Wave One
Credit: McFarlane Toys/DC
Credit: McFarlane Toys/DC

The five wave of McFarlane Toys' DC Multiverse figures have been revealed, with them expected to hit the shelves later this month. The line is annnounce to range in price from $19.99 to $24.99 each.

... but what are they like? McFarlane Toys sent us the figures, and we're finding out.

To start out, each figure as 22 points of articulation and a character card showcasing facts/bio about the character, and a base. The bases are great, bebecause some of these definitely needed a solid foundation. Already right off the bat, it’s an improvement from previous installments that either didn’t have a base for less-than-sturdy builds, or bases that were pretty much useless pieces of plastic.

McFarlane Toys' packaging is pretty flashy, too. Keeps the whole figure on display with a sharp blue backdrop that showcases some of DC’s greatest and most well-known covers. On the back is art that the figure is based on, either from television, comic books, or even the films so fans who aren’t familiar with the design have some point of reference.

Now let's break it down into the individual figures, but be aware: there are an assembly of hits and one incredible miss.


Credit: McFarlane Toys/DC

Batman: Detective Comics #1000

This is pretty much your standard Batman figure. He is packed with another set of hands, his grapnel gun which appears to have been fired, and of course his trademark Batarang. It's implied that the figure is based off Jim Lee's Detective Comics #1000 cover, but the head sculpt - especially how the chin is structured - is more reminiscent of something from Nick Derington's Batman Universe work instead.

Now, there are two versions of this one which includes the classic Bat-signal and a chase variant that has a different symbol on his chest that is more in tune with “classic” Batman.

Credit: McFarlane Toys/DC

The toy here stands 7” tall, which seems pretty massive by most toylines like the Star Wars Black Series or Marvel Legends, but McFarlane has made a point of making huge hunks of toys in the past and this keeps that legacy going quite well.

Both of Batman’s accessories fit well enough so there’s no worry about them falling out of his grip. There have been instances of just looking at a figure and they’d drop or fall down, but these really have some heft to them, even on these slimmer builds, which can make for some fun and trademark Batman posing.

Articulation is far from an issue, but it’s more of a case of “well we’ve definitely been here before”, but since it’s the debut of a brand new wave from a brand new company, some familiar faces have to pass through eventually. Thankfully, we’re getting this out of the way right out of the gate.

‘Rama Rating: 9/10

Stay tuned to Newsarama for more advance reviews later this month, leading up to their release.

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