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With the just-wrapped “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, CW has rebuilt its Arrowverse reality from the ground up, uniting its heroes on one Earth, as a team – and even introducing some legendary DC heroes to the Arrowverse.

Among the cameos and special guest stars (Ezra Miller, anyone?) a reference introducing one classic hero may have gone unnoticed – but if he shows up on camera in full, this character could rock what know of the Arrowverse.

We’re talking of course about Gleek, the Space Monkey.

Credit: Hanna-Barbera

Though Gleek wasn’t seen directly on camera, his distinctive chattering vocalization is heard in the crossover’s finale.

But besides being a semi-obscure Super Friends character that Gen-Xers will recall hanging around Zan and Jayna, the teenage alien Wonder Twins, who is Gleek – and what could his presence mean for CW’s Arrowverse?

Like Zan and Jayna, shapeshifters with bizarrely specific powers, Gleek hails from the planet Exxor (where, yes, they have no bananas, much to Gleek’s chagrin), where he is considered an animal and a pet despite being part of a society of evolved primates who wear clothing and understand (and occasionally speak) English.

Though Gleek was often played for comic relief, he once played a key role in nearly defeating the Super Friends when members of his species arrived on Earth to conquer the planet. Gleek was enticed to hand over secrets on the Super Friends to his peoples’ highly intelligent, English-speaking leader.

As for his powers, Gleek is a monkey and his tail is extremely strong. That’s about it – but he does wear that flashy cape.

So what does Gleek’s potential presence in the Arrowverse spell for CW’s DC heroes? Well for one thing there’s a great chance at least some of them will have to hang out with a blue space monkey in a leotard (and we can think of much worse fates) – but the somewhat serious implication is that the Wonder Twins could show up, and with them the other denizens of Exxor.

Perhaps the inclusion of Gleek’s voice – a relatively obscure Easter egg – is simply meant to clue fans in on the breadth of the new DC-CW multiverse and the media it includes. But it also points, at least a little bit, to the tone of the newly-formed team of heroes and multiverse they’ve organized to protect. After all, CW’s shows aren’t exactly known for being grim-n-gritty – so maybe a little bit of Super Friends is right in line with the sing-song, family fun superhero tone of the overall Arrowverse.

Hell, maybe they’ll even adopt the Super Friends name for their newly-formed hero team.

"Challenge of the Super Friends" for next year's CW crossover, anyone?

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