X-MEN Crossover Coming, With Big Plans for December

Dawn of X
Dawn of X connecting variant
Credit: Mark Bagley (Marvel Comics)

X-Men group editor Jordan D. White says that a "Dawn of X" crossover is in the works - with big plans for Marvel's mutants coming in December.

"We’ve announced a couple of new books, and we have a few more to announce yet," White told Marvel.com. "We’ve got a big X-Men crossover we’re working on that I am pretty excited for. We’ve actually got some plans for next December that are really fun, if they come together the way we want them to."

White didn't reveal any further details about the planned crossover, or the subsequent December event. White previously mentioned the possibility of a "Dawn of X" line crossover following the launch of last year's X-Men #1.

Current titles in the line include X-Men, Excalibur, Marauders, X-Force, and New Mutants. "Dawn of X" titles announced as launching in the coming months are Wolverine, Fantastic Four/X-Men, Hellions, Cable, X-Factor, X-Corp, a Moira McTaggert title, and X-Cellent, though not all have been solicited.

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