MARVEL Creates iWOLVERINE, Spinning out of IRON MAN 2020 Event

"Wolverine #1" cover 2020
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel comics has announced iWolverine, a series spinning out of the just-launched Iron Man 2020 event. The title was first mentioned in a checklist inside this week's Iron Man 2020 #1.

Though no plot details have been released, the series' title implies that a version of Wolverine - possibly one with ties to Iron Man 2020's ongoing AI saga - will be at the story's heart.

As for which Wolverine that could be, there are some distinct possibilities.

In 2019's Marvel Comics Presents #9, a version of Wolverine called u/Wolverine was created for Tony Stark's EXE.Scape virtual world which was a key component of the Iron Man 2020 build-up. And of course there's Albert, Wolverine's robot clone which was built by Donald Pierce of the Reavers, and who has been both an ally and enemy to Wolverine.

No release date for iWolverine was listed in the checklist, seen here. The placement of the series launch among other Iron Man 2020 titles seems to indicate it will arrive in April.

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