Inside The CW's CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Finale And the Startling New Status Quo - SPOILERS

Crisis on Infinite Earths
Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

The Arrow-verse's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover concluded Tuesday with a two-hour finale between episoes of Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. What happened? Let us tell you...

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Spoilers ahead.

Arrow opens up with Mar Novu (a.k.a.  the Monitor) working with his wife on their life’s work - a machine that can transport him to the Dawn of Time, but something goes wrong as he is brought into the anti-universe’s version of the Dawn of Time. It's here that he meets his dark reflection, the Anti-Monitor.

Back at the Vanishing Point

Many months have passed as the heroes struggle to stay true to their Paragon names with Barry Allen (The Flash) completely missing in action. Ryan Choi helps out Lex Luthor, of all people, to try and find a way out of the Vanishing Point. They build a machine to bring back the worlds they’ve lost – it doesn’t work but Barry does return, delivering bad news that the Speed Force has no answers.

Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) appears in the Vanishing Point, leaving his friends shocked. He lets them know that the Speed Force is key to saving their worlds – a fact he’s learned through his conversation with Jim Corrigan on the island. Oliver taps Barry’s head to unlock the potential to scatter the team into the Speed Force to find answers.

The Speed Force

Oliver explains to Barry that he’s using their friends’ memories to unlock what is needed to get to the Anti-Monitor. Oliver leaves and Barry goes into a room that looks like S.T.A.R. Labs, where in a surprise, DC Extended Universe’s Ezra Miller makes an appearance as the two Barry Allens compare costumes and notes about being the Flash.  

Credit: The CW

So what memories did the Speed Force unlock for the seven Paragons?

-For Kate Kane (a.k.a. Batwoman), it's a memory with Ray Palmer (The Atom) and Oliver from Ray’s early appearances on Arrow as they argue about Felicity. After their discussion Oliver recognizes the out-of-place Kate has been listening to their conversation.

- Martian Manhunter meets up with Kara Danvers (Supergirl) during her exchange with Oliver in the "Invasion" crossover when they first met. The argument gets heated, but Manhunter informs how important their bond will become.

- Barry remembers a moment from the "Invasion" crossover as well, where Oliver defeats the big bad. The two heroes have a heart-to-heart as Oliver reveals the deal he made with the Monitor to keep Barry and Kara from meeting their demise during the then-upcoming “Crisis” event.

- Barry is then transported to Sara’s death as Laurel mourns her sister, but Barry uses his abilities to bring back Sara who was stuck in that memory.

The Adventure Towards The Dawn of Time

Kara, Lex, and Ryan go to the Monitor as he’s about to enter the Dawn of Time and inadvertantly creates the Anti-Monitor. Lex quickly leaves Kara and Ryan to move forward with his plan for not just world domination, but universal domination where he will shape history to his advantage. It’s also revealed that he has powers that he gained when he possessed the Book of Destiny.

Credit: The CW

Lex confronts the Monitor just as he’s about to begin his experiment that ultimately creates the Anti-Monitor. Lex makes an offer to give his future knowledge to prevent the Monitor’s mistakes, but the catch is that Mar Novu must help Lex in the future to gain universal domination. Lex says the team-up between the two would be the “Brave and the Bold” – a reference to memorable DC comic book title of the same name.

Supergirl interrupts their conversation, leading Lex and Kara into a fist fight. During the chaos, Ryan tries to convince the Monitor not to use the experiment.

Credit: The CW

The Dawn of Time

Barry pulls Lex, Ryan, and Kara forward into the Dawn of Time with the rest of the heroes as they face the Anti-Monitor and his shadow demons. The Paragons (The Flash, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Sara Lance, Ryan Choi, and Lex Luthor) team up to fight the shadow demons as Oliver goes toe-to-toe with the Anti-Monitor. Oliver destroys the Anti-Monitor, but at the cost of his life as Sara and Barry stay by his side as he passes away…..fade to white. 

The saga concludes in…

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Supergirl Returns to Her Earth – Kind Of

Kara is shocked as she wakes up in her apartment, as if “Crisis” was a dream. She gets a call from Nia Noll (Dreamer) who is saving Kara a seat at a work event – the Noble Peace conference. Kara asks Nia if she can analyze the weird dream she had about the events of “Crisis,” but before the heroes can discuss more the conference begins and it’s revealed that Lex is getting the Noble Peace prize. There’s an unexpected reaction - the world loves him, including Nia.

Back at the DEO, Alex Danvers (Kara’s sister and DEO head) also seems happy by Lex’s accomplishment and is confused why Kara isn’t when all Lex and Lena have done is support her as Supergirl. The Paragons, Martian Manhinter and Supergirl, seem to be the only people who remember what happened “Pre-Crisis”. Although, Martian Manhunter is doing his best efforts to give back the other heroes’ memories.

Naturally in the world of super heroics, Supergirl doesn’t have time to digest this new information as a villain is on the loose. Supergirl goes to save the day, but is surprised to see the Flash there to help. It’s revealed that they are now part of the same earth, called “Earth Prime." Marv Wolfman, the writer of the Crisis on Infinite Earths comics, make a cameo walking up to Flash and Supergirl, revealing that this isn’t their first team-up and he’s a huge fan of both heroes.

Credit: The CW

Attack of the 50 Foot Beebo

Sara returns to trivia night to find that Ray doesn’t remember what happened Pre-"Crisis." Martian Manhunter enters the bar and Ray immediately recognizes him. He didn’t know about the multiverse until Martian Manhunter returns his memories.

The heroes don’t get to settle in for too long as in Legends fashion a giant Beebo appears destroying the city. Sara contacts Nate Heywood (Citizen Steel) and Ava Sharpe (Sara’s girlfriend and Time Bureau Director) to tell them about Beebo as the rest non-Legends members still freak out over a big blue furry stuffed animal destroying the city. Nate and Ava tell Sara that she already has back up as Mick Rory (Heatwave) was in town for his book signing as Rebecca Silver

Credit: The CW

This is just your run of the mill fight for the Legends as Ray takes a selfie with Supergirl and The Flash to send to his best friend Nate. Batwoman also comes into join the fight as Supergirl gets giddy to see her friend. As they fight against the large monster, the team takes down the villain behind this illusion as Beebo dissipates into blue goo.  

The Anti-Monitor Returns

Nash Wells (formerly Pariah in “Crisis") enters the bunker to let the team know that the Anti-Monitor was not destroyed and is in Star City. This is followed by a shadow demon attacking the Paragons, including Sara, Ryan, and Barry. The team gathers to figure out a plan to officially destroy the Anti-Monitor. Ray and Ryan both suggest to send him to the Atom-Verse that Ryan coins as the "Microverse." The science heroes prepare the technology to defeat him as the rest of the team come face-to-face with the Anti-Monitor and work together to destroy him in Oliver’s honor. 

The Mourning of Oliver Queen

Sara visits Team Arrow, who are mourning Oliver’s death. John Diggle (Spartan) is upset that he couldn’t be there for Oliver either time he died. Sara still has hope that Oliver is alive, thinking that if multiple worlds can come back, why can’t he? The team informs her that Felicity using her hacking skills still can’t locate him, but Sara thinks maybe it’s because Oliver was Spectre that he would be harder to find.

Barry and Sara have a heart-to-heart as she sits in front of a tree that she remembers climbing with her sister, Laurel Lance (The first Black Canary). As children, they used to race to the top, Sara always won, but looking back she thinks Laurel made her win because Sara’s a sore loser – she’s still a sore loser. She’s upset to lose Oliver not just because he was her friend, but because he was the only person that can remember that little girl. She’s lost her family, but Barry assures her that family are the people you find along the way. Sara knows the Legends are her family, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want someone to remember her from that time.

At the end of the episode, the President of this unified Earth reads a statement about Oliver’s passing where small details of how the world has changed are revealed. Diggle and Lyla’s daughter, Sara – who disappeared during "Flashpoint," is back as she plays with her brother J.J. It’s also revealed that Clark has multiple sons. After the president’s statement there’s a monologue from Oliver Queen where he confirms Earth Prime has brought the CW shows' universe together as the DC Extended Universe; Superman Returns, and the DC Universe shows all remain on separate Earths.    

Credit: The CW

The episode concludes with the team celebrating Oliver Queen, in his costume, in their version of the Hall of Justice. Barry reveals a table and chairs with the heroes’ emblems – teasing more crossovers to come. “Crisis” ends with Gleek the monkey from the Super Friends heard escaping his cage.

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