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This statue of Batman Who Laughs and the Robin minions, sculpted by Jason Frailey off Greg Capullo’s designs, is actually four statures - the Batman Who Laughs, and three individual "Rabid Robin" henchmen. They're all linked by a chain-leash.

The base is a black hexagon engraved with all manner of ominous Dark Knights: Metal imagery; one of the nice touches is there’s some sculpted-in claw marks where one of the “Rabid Robins” is scratching into it. The individual pieces all fit into nicely-concealed holes via metal spikes in the bases of their shoes. Most of the pieces are a pretty snug fit, but it might take a few tries to line everything up right.

The group chain fits using clasps to collars on the necks of the “Rabid Robins” that meet in the Batman Who Laugh's hand; we suggest attaching the chain before you insert the figures into the base, because the Batman Who Laugh's hand is so low that it’s hard to reach the clasp once the piece is attached to the base. The clasps also take some patience to attach properly, and easily come undone; an alternative is to wrap the chains around the necks of these hapless young mutates.

Visually, the pieces are well-done; they’re great 3-D renderings of Capullo’s art and are creepy from about any angle. They photograph extremely well, and if you are into the Batman Who Laughs and associates, it’s a solid way to pay tribute, and possibly have a very upsetting conversation piece for visitors.

Rama Rating: 8 out of 10

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