Expect More DC Titles to Revert to Legacy Numbering After WONDER WOMAN and FLASH

The Flash #750
Credit: Howard Porter (DC)

Legacy numbering is back in fashion at DC, as co-Publisher Dan DiDio has informed retailers to expect more of thier ongoing series to revert back to legacy numbering soon.

"The [Wonder Woman #750] numbering is not a stunt. It is the ongoing numbering. You will not be seeing a Flash #1 or Wonder Woman #1 in the foreseeable future. That is their new numbering going forward," DiDio said, presumably meaning they'll go on from #751 and onward. The publisher has recently met with great success with Action Comics and Detective Comics #1000. "And you'll see that happening with a couple of other series. It will not happen with every series, but will certainly be happening with some of the key books."

Wonder Woman and The Flash were originally solicited to go back to its previous "Rebirth"-era numbering after their respective #750s, but DC changed plans.

DiDio did not disclose the reason for the changes, nor what other titles would be taking on legacy numbering.

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