Dan DiDio Pledges No Future DC BLACK LABEL Title Will Be Solicited Until On-Time Shipping Is Certain

DC's Black Label
Credit: DC Entertainment

DC Publisher Dan DiDio recently gave a New Year address and held a Q&A with Direct Market comic book retailers on the publisher's DC Nation retailer-only Facebook forum. Among the various topics he discussed was the shipping track record of their Black Label line, and he offered an unofficial pledge to retailers moving forward.

"Extraordinarily successful for us," DiDio said of the line. "The response and reaction has been better than we could imagine. Our plan is to make sure we're consistent in the material we're putting out, and that it's strong, and that it comes out on time. We will not be soliciting anything until we are clear that this material will come out as scheduled.

Some titles in the line, such as Frank Miller's Superman: Year One, Scott Snyder's Batman: Last Knight on Earth, Brian Azzarello's Birds of Prey, and Kami Garcia's Joker/Harley Quinn: Criminal Sanity have all experienced schedule delays to some degree.

"We like the maturity, the sensibility, the quality," he continued. "The talent is going to be driving this line. We will not overproduce here, because we want to make sure this is a long-term plan."

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